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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee was established by the Company in accordance with POJK No. 55/2015, with a term of 3 (three) years, and can be extended for 1 (one) subsequent term of office. The Audit Committee was formed to assist the Board of Commissioners in:

  • Reviewing financial information that will be released by the Company, including financial statements, projections and other financial information;
  • Reviewing the Company's compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the capital market and other fields relating to the Company;
  • Report to the Board of Commissioners on any risks that the Company may face and the implementation of risk management;
  • Reviewing and reporting to the Board of Commissioners of complaints given to the Company; and
  • Maintain the confidentiality of documents, data and information related to the Company.

Based on the Decree in lieu of the Board of Commissioners' Meeting No. 033 / BP / BOC / VII / 2019 dated July 10, 2019, the composition of the Company's Audit Committee until the closing date of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders by 2022 is as follows:

Chairman : Henky Susanto
Member   : Jennywati Soewito
Member   : Toni Setioko