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Press Releases

29 Mar 2019

BRPT FY-2018 Performance

31 Oct 2018

9M-2018 BRPT Performance - Press Release

13 Sep 2018

BRPT Announced Results for The Period Ended 30 June 2018

18 Jul 2018

BRPT Pays Rp432 Billion Cash Dividends for FY 2017

02 Jul 2018

BRPT Completed Rights Issue and Successfully Acquired Star Energy Group Holdings Pte. Ltd.

30 Dec 2017

Barito Pacific Ensures Acquisition of Star Energy Will be completed on First Semester of 2018

14 Dec 2017

BRPT Shareholders approved shares buyback up to 100 million shares and Intends to conduct Rights Issue to Acquire Star Energy

09 Jun 2016

Barito Pacific Continues The Development of Industrial Area Projects in 2016