Barito Pacific Supports Circular Economy Concept Waste Management Through the UIMN Mapala UI Program


Jakarta 8 August 2022 - Barito Pacific through the philanthropic foundation Bakti Barito Foundation, provides support to the student organization Mapala UI in carrying out their annual activity, namely the University of Indonesia Building Nusa (UIMN) which is very relevant to support integrated waste management and a circular economy.

One of the activities of the Mapala UI students is advocating for a circular economy through the Trash to Cash program and community development in Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Other community development programs include holding the Nusantara Reading House program, as well as encouraging the emergence of new MSMEs that focus on the supply of souvenirs typical of Dusun Prajak made from seaweed.

“Universitas Indonesia Bangun Nusa or UIMN is a visionary activity concept, and has a mission to be an example for other students to become a trigger for sustainable social change. The UIMN concept that carries the values ​​of Effectiveness, Synergy, and Sustainability in each of its project activities is a sufficient foundation to provide a sustainable positive impact in the 3T area," said Tries Apriliando, as the chief executive of UIMN.

Regarding Trash to Cash, this program supports waste management in Labuhan Badas District, Sumbawa Regency, NTB which so far has not been optimal. Therefore, it is hoped that there will be a Trash to Cash Program, one of which is a circular economy, one of which is by managing plastic waste which still has high economic value.

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Bakti Barito Foundation, Rudy Suparman said, the UIMN program is in line with one of Bakti Barito's main programs in the circular economy, namely Bakti Barito Environmental Management which aims to build responsible consumption behavior and education about waste management.

"Through the Environmental Management Service Program, Bakti Barito seeks to provide an understanding of the proper management of plastic waste for the community," added Rudy Suparman.

The Bakti Barito Foundation is a philanthropic foundation that focuses on providing benefits for all interests today and tomorrow, through activities in the fields of education, environment, economy and social.

The circular economy aims to help address global challenges such as climate change, changes in biodiversity, waste and pollution.

The Bakti Barito Foundation program is also a form of support for the Indonesian government to reduce unmanaged waste by 2030, and reduce marine plastic leakage by 2025.

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Bakti Barito is a foundation for better. Because when Indonesia thrives, we do too.

The Bakti Barito Foundation serves as our platform for sustainability initiatives. Its focus areas are revitalizing the environment, broadening access to education, and uplifting lives and livelihoods. The foundation runs focused initiatives across four positive impact pillars: Environment, Economy, Society, and Education. 

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