Transforming Schools in Garut into Green School


Jakarta, 23 June 2022 – Bakti Barito Foundation together with Star Energy Geothermal  are supporting Adiwiyata School program in four elementary schools in Garut: SDIT Al-Bayinah, SDIT Darul Abror, SDN 01 Karyamekar, and SDN 02 Karyamekar. The collaboration was launched on Thursday (23/6) at SD IT Al-Bayyinah with an inauguration of school waste bank program for the four participating schools.

Adiwiyata School is a national program that focuses on building a culture of environmentally-conscious behaviour within the school ecosystem. Adiwiyata School Program is regulated in the Regulation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia Number 05 of 2013. Three foundation of its implementation is: environmental values embedded within educational activities, participation from everyone in the school, and assurance of long term sustainability.


The launch event was opened by Mrs. DR. Hanny Latifah as the Board of the Al-Bayyinah Education & Social Foundation and continued by Mrs. Dian A. Purbasari as Director of Bakti Barito and Mr. Entib Satibi as Head of Elementary School of the Garut Regency Education Office who also represented the Deputy Regent of Garut.

“Today’s waste bank launch is a breakthrough to support Adiwiyata School, to help children get incentive from waste recycle and ‘waste saving account’ that they can use to supplement tuition fees,” Mrs Hanny Latifah, the Board of the Al-Bayyinah Education & Social Foundation said in her opening speech.

“We are both starting to pay attention to nature and the environment. We must keep the environment good and useful and help make it a blessing, not only for humans but also for other living beings,” Mrs Dian Purbasari, Director of Bakti Barito Foundation added.

The event was also attended by Mr. Entib Satibi,  Head of Elementary School of the Garut Regency Education Office; Mr. Panji Pranadikusumah, Community Engagement Specialist of Star Energy Geothermal; Mr. KH. Abdul Halim, Head of Al-Bayyinah Education & Social Foundation, Little Fire Face Team, and all parents of SD IT Al-Bayyinah.

At the event, Star Energy Geothermal and Little Fire Face Team also shared a session on biodiversity to students, explaining why it is important to conserve biodiversity in nature and encourage students to care about their surrounding environment which will bring benefit for our current generation and the next.


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